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Fehér Dániel

Actor, painter

1998. Awakenings
2000. Feather-dance
2001. Think of me with pleasure (Romeo)
2002. Beckett Symphony
2003. Flying Licence – for Angels (Master of Imagination)
2005. The One Born Laughing (Judge)
2008. Stone Choice
2011. A Baltazar Night's Dream
2012. Baltazaricum

He already had several successful exhibitions 
-2004. Millenáris Fogadó, "Csiga"-Gallery
-2005. Szeged
-2005. Collegium Hungaricum, Wien
-2006 Bárka Theatre,
-2007 Kolta Gallery,
-2008 Eklektika Caffe,
-2009 Hungarian Institute, Bruxelles,
-2012 Cultural Centre of Budapest,
Participant of several international workshop in 2009,2010,2011.


"Acting and painting are two important parts of my life. 
I like to read and go to other theatres. I watch a lot of movies, filling crosswords and playing puzzle. Love of animals is very important for me."

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