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The circle of life is an eternal mystery. During their journey to the south of India, the actors of Baltazar Theater are getting closer to the big secret.

The members of the Baltazar Theatre, founded 20 years ago, are professional, yet mentally disabled actors. The kind of people,  about whom - if we were to meet them on the street - we would never guess they were blessed with artistic, or any other talent. On average, society regards them as flawed, moreover linking spiritual inadequacy with a lack of feelings too.

The film lets us see faith through the filter of art. It makes visible the invisible substance with which the world is interlaced. In a form infused with the naturalness, lyricism and humour surging from the actors.

Art is the area of life that can change this viewpoint steeped in prejudice.

In India libraries of ancient knowledge are treasuring palm leaves, written 2000 years ago. The palm leaf manuscripts of those days recount the lives of people living today from their births right up to their deaths. It’s like a book of fate, like a great history…

 Finding the leaves written personally to the actors may help them understand the past, explaining the present and drawing up the possibility of a happy future.

Just as the many thousand year old palm leaves have to be written again every 500 years because the ink fades, in the same way one can overwrite human nature full of prejudice and fallibility.  The film reshapes the concept formed by the public opinion of handicapped people by showing their power.

To be born with a disability is not a calamity. Not a punishment from god. The joy radiating from the actors’ unembellished being and the social status awarded them by the theatre are proof of this. Through their lives the world is more colourful, more exciting and more emotional.

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