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Elek Dóra

Director, Art director

"Where creation can give solution for our doubts begins Art. It is not enough only to raise the problem. Audience deserve more: they can reborn by catharsis."

Elek Dóra is an award-winning, Hungarian film and theatre director and founder of Baltazár Theatre. She studied at the University of Paris VIII. Since 1995 she has worked on movies. She was creative expert of one of the most famous Hungarian Talk Show, ‘Az én mozim’ rewarded with Pulitzer prize in 1997.
The following year she founded the first professional Hungarian theatre of actors with mental disability, Baltazár Theatre. Baltazár became prestigious and well-known company and art center in Hungary and abroad with more than a twenty theatre productions and many other art projects. Elek Dóra is also co-creator of many outstanding documentary films such as the award-winning “Játék az egész” or ‘Lend me your eyes, Baltazars’.
In 2012 she was honored by the Hungarian government with the greatest national award, Hungarian Knight’s Cross Award.
Other awards: Best Director Feature Documentary of Jaipur International Film Festival (2018), Pannon Példakép award (2007) (~Pannon Exemplar’s Award),  Vámos László award (2006), Gundel award (2005) and Cosmopolitan award (2003).


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