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Bege Nóra

teacher of Baltazar THeatre

I have been taking photos of the Baltazár Theatre since 2002. Since then we have prepared genre portrait photos every year.
I have learnt a lot from them. I learnt, for example, that you can just love and be happy for no particular reason. I also learnt that they – who are considered to be „disabled” – are more abled than „normal” people. Since we met I have learnt to see the world and regard these notions in a different way.
For a photographer it is a real joy to work with such proffesional models who never get tired and their smile and tears are sincere

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  • Elek Dóra
  • Erdős Balázs
  • Fehér Dániel
  • Horváth Szilvia
  • Janzsó Cecília
  • Keresztes Anna
  • Kovács Veronika
  • Kudari Réka
  • Medetz Attila
  • Rafael Erzsébet
  • Szilvásy Márton
  • Taligás Anna
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