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Rafael Erzsébet

Born: 31.07.1955. 
She has been a company member since 1998.

2001.Think of me with pleasure (Lady Capulet)
2002.Beckett Symphony
2003.Flying Licence – for Angels (Puppeteer)
2004.Fading Rouge (Wanderer)
2005.The One Born Laughing (Priestess)
2007. "Picasso: The Creation of the World"
2009. Boys, girls
2010. Golden Step
2011. A Baltazar Night's Dream
2012. Baltazaricum

In the evenings I enjoy listening to music, watching TV, especially bedtime stories and Hungarian films. My hobby is writing poems, but I sometimes write plays. I love drawing and doing yoga - for me it is unwinding, a way of relaxation. I also like going to concerts, mainly to Pa-dö-dö concerts.


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