Summer Camp

In the life of the Baltazar Theatre, the intensive arts camps – which usually last a week in the summer – have become all but traditional. We also consider it important to provide students with an opportunity to spend their summer vacation in a meaningful way at Baltazar Arts Centre. Since 2013, we’ve organised summer arts camps for students every year. They last a week, and are based on the Arts Centre’s courses.

However, the Arts Centre’s students are not the only ones who can apply for the programmes of this day-care camp-like, educational arts week. We also gladly accept their siblings or other relatives, as well as outside applicants, even from beyond Budapest.

Participants are organised into groups of 10-15 people for the classes, which last from morning until afternoon, for a week. Led by the Arts Centre’s teachers, the classes are constructed so that they hold something new and exciting for everyone – not just the newcomers, but also for the students of the Centre. As a closing ceremony, participants get a chance to show what they’ve learned over the course of the week in the form of a performance in the Auditorium, which may be viewed by their relatives, acquaintances, or anyone else.