The performance is telling the story of a family from 1944 through the II. World War till nowadays. Its questions are how much war can change one’s values and why can’t we respect peace in peacetime? Why war is necessary for us to appreciate peace? Why do we have to get sick to appreciate health?


Varga Klári, Kecskés Karina, Müller Brúnó Noé, Müller Péter Sziámi, Darvas Ferenc

és a Baltazár Színház színészei:
Erdős Balázs, Fehér Dániel, Horváth Szilvia, Janzsó Cecilia, Keresztes Anna, Kovács Veronika, Kudari Réka, Medetz Attila, Raffael Erzsébet, Szilvásy Márton, Taligás Anna, Vörös Ferenc

“That generation, which today is in its forties, was nurtured by the last war. It is a dark background, a tragic beginning. Yet I feel that few generations have been given a wider, more universal education to set them on their way. Our saddest, most tragic experiences are the most fruitful if grasped from the root. The age has handed us the opportunity afforded by great ages and arts, which is only possible when one posesses the most naked experiences: we can change real tragedy into real happiness”

János Pilinszky ( 25th April 1965)


We, who are today in their forties ,were born in peaceful times. The war becomes part of our lives though the fates of our parents and grandparents. This generation , who never experienced such atrocities fisrthand, do not seem content to enjoy their peace, which they were given without war. This is the greatest gift for us so let us dare to be ourselves and live comlpete lives. The war ruined family life, it tore lovers apart. In peaceful times, we spoil our own love. Today, our happiness depends only on ourselves.

Dóra Elek (25th March 2008)