The Pillars of the World

Premiere: September 13, 2021, Baltazar House

„If there is no stork, there are no children. If there are no children, there is no future. If there is no future, there is no present. If there is no present, we don’t exist. If we don’t exist, it means the end of the world. Shooting a single stork threatens with catastrophe.”

Baltazár Theater has chosen the most topical theme for its new performance entitled The Pillars of the World. The fundamental question of the troupe is what problems humanity is struggling with at present. The pillars that hold our world are our common values such as faith, freedom, love for each other, respect for nature. We often rightly feel that these values are in short supply in in 21st century societies. But our troupe undertakes more than to present the problems that concern all of us. As poet and playwright István Vörös puts it in his new play: „We are painters of a sort too. We repaint what has happened, we change the unchangeable.”

The performance was supported by the Hungarian Academy of Arts and the Ministry of Human Resources.

Text by István Vörös // Directors: Dóra Elek, Dorka Farkas, Kriszta Kováts, Olívia Réti-Harmath // Music: Edina Szirtes Mókus // Set and costume design: Gabriella Kiss // Actors: Andrea Básti, Dániel Fehér, György Felföldy, Bálint Formán, Szilvia Horváth, Anna Keresztes, Sándor Keresztes, Dániel Klabacsek, Zsófia Kocsi, Panka Kovács, Attila Medetz, Erzsébet Raffael, Márton Szilvásy, Ferenc Vörös