Visegrad Project

The Visegrad Project


22-26 March 2021

workshop at the Baltazar Theatre

The last stop of our workshop, planned for Budapest, which we had to postpone several times due to the pandemic, was finally held online with the help of the Zoom application. The Mestské Divadlo z Pasáže theatre company joined to the program from Slovakia and the Teatroterapia Lubelska joined from Poland. The three-country workshop, based on movement and choreography, required complex technical arrangements and many technical experts, but in the end it proved that although the online form offers less opportunities in some ways than live encounters, it allows new experiments and unusual artistic approaches. At the workshop, three companies from the three countries danced in a separate space, but still watching each other and reacting to each other, with live music, played by the Polish company’s musician Piotr Kiliański from Lublin. Dóra Elek and Dorka Farkas helped the actors at the Budapest venue, Maria Pietrusza-Budzyńska in Lublin, and Eva Ogurčáková in Banská Bystrica. During the program, we also shot a short film about our joint performance.