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Dóra Elek

Director of the documentary A VILÁG KÖZEPE (The Center of the World) which is about the Hungarian roots and creations of the world-famous painter, the half-Indian, half-Hungarian Amrita Sher-Gil. The film was presented in August, 2015. Director of the documentary film MALENKIJ ROBOT – ZEBEGÉNY HANGJA (Malenkij robot - The voice of Zebegény). The film was presented in January, 2018. At the end of the Second World War, the German-speaking, working-class population was deported to the Soviet Union for forced labor.
From a Hungarian village, Zebegény, 111 people were taken to "malenkij robot". 80 people came home, 31 did not survive. Great-Grandchildren tell about family tragedy. About how they see our present world in the mirror of the past? How is it possible to create a better future?


Key creative of the short film Tollasbál (Feather Dance, 2001 – director: Péter Gábor) which was made after the Theatre’s performance (with same title). Wrote the screenplay, marked locations and set close-ups in close cooperation with the director.


Key creative of the film Játék az egész (The World is a Game, 1998 – director: János Zelki). Worked on the side of the director from shooting to cutting. The film won the documentary category of Hungarian Film Fest in 1999.


Editor of TV-program Az én mozim (My Movie), which presented documentary films and was one of the most popular Hungarian programs. The job of the editor contained writing screenplays for the short films, making interviews regarding the topics and also cooperate creatively during the post-production. One of the short films, Madárka (Birdie) won Pulitzer-Award in 1997.

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