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Kecskés Karina

Actress, drama teacher
Teacher of Baltazar Theatre

 graduated from the University of Film and Theatrical Art in 1988
 has been working for the Baltazár Theatre as an actress and speech therapist since 2006

"My children are the backbone in my private life, and in my professional life it is the Baltazár Theatre.
When I first saw their play "Feather Dance" my dream was to have a chance to work with them one day. My dream has come true.
I can participate in two pieces - Stone choice and Boys, girls - together with this sincere, open-hearted, affectionate, curious, poetic, genuine, powerful, accurate, persistent, eager to learn, joyful and professional team of actors. I know that it is not just a dream fulfilled but my fate as well. They are present every moment like children gazing at the world in amazement, and now it is clear that in the world around me the so-called abled people seem to be disabled if we compare them with the members of the Baltazár Theatre."

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