The Arts Centre’s courses are launched in groups of 6-10 people, and can be attended by both disabled children and disabled adults, from age 10 upwards. We are happy to see anyone who’s interested, no matter what kind of disability they may have, or not have. In previous years, our students with autism, Down syndrome or hearing or visual impairment, all found the courses most suitable for them – as did their classmates.

During the school year, we continuously accept new applicants for our courses.

For new students interested in a course, the first lesson is free and serves as a preview. New students and their parents can also request to have a personal, face-to-face talk with the teacher before the first lesson. Our attendance fees are low – even lower with a season ticket – so as to make sure that our courses are available to everyone.

For more information or to apply, please contact:

Telephone: Réka Nagy: +36 30 331 0713 Baltazar Theatre (office): +36 1 328 0235



Attendance fees

Duration                              single visit                     5-visit pass                                10-visit pass


1.5 hours (90 min)               1500 HUF                      7000 HUF                                   13500 HUF

2 hours (120 min)                2000 HUF                      9000 HUF                                   18000 HUF

2.5 hours (150 min)             2500 HUF                    12000 HUF                                   23000 HUF


Combined pass (for 20 visits): 30.000 HUF. Can be used to attend several different classes  


Information about payments

Baltazar Arts Centre is operated by Baltazar Theatre Foundation. The Foundation books the attendance fees for courses as targeted support, and will give you a certificate of support for the payments that you make.