Classes, teachers

Puppetry and puppet-making
with Anita Krista

on mondays
2,5 hours

In my course students will learn how to make numerous kinds of puppets, as well as the techniques of moving them. However, because this form of art is very versatile it is highly suitable for developing skills, to which I pay special attention in my lessons. In the “with hands and puppets” lessons, the students will not only learn about different puppetry techniques, but also the basis of it all: the things we can do with nothing but hand gestures. Because the human hand is extremely “eloquent,” it is perfectly suitable for expressing complex emotions, events and actions. This is a course that touches on several different branches of the art, and in which music, movement, elocution, fine arts and the visual imagination also play an important role. The course will teach participants about the following types of puppet and puppetry: hand puppet, improvised puppet, finger puppet, rod puppet, glove puppet, table top puppet, shadow puppet, object puppet.