Visegrad Project

The Visegrad Project

Banská Bystrica
16-18 October 2019

workshop at the Mestské divadlo – Divadlo z Pasáže, n.o / City theatre - Theatre from the Passage, n.p.o.

The artistic director of the Balatazár Theater, Dóra Elek and choreographer-director Dorka Farkas travelled to Banská Bystrica to get acquainted with the company of Mestské Divadlo z Pasáže during a couple of days and to prepare the joint workshop and performance in Budapest. During the workshop, after the joint warm-up, the actors of the Slovak company, led by assistant director Eva Ogurčáková, presented the rehearsal of their latest performance. Then improvisations were made in solo and duo, then Dóra Elek and Dorka Farkas, who led the workshop, further built them with new ideas and instructions.