Visegrad Project

The Visegrad Project

3-6 November 2019

workshop at the Fundacja Teatroterapia Lubelska/ The Lublin Theatretherapy Foundation

The artistic director of the Balatazár Theater, Dóra Elek and choreographer-director Dorka Farkas traveled to Lublin to get acquainted with the company of Fundacja Teatroterapia Lubelska during a couple of days and to prepare the joint workshop and performance in Budapest. The head of the Polish theater, Maria Pietrusza-Budzyńska, other employees of the company, and the actors led the Hungarian delegation around the building, showing their theater hall and other rooms (such as fine arts room) and how they work in a dance training. The Polish actors’ and actresses’ improvisations formed the basis of this preparatory workshop, which were supplemented with new ideas and instructions by the workshop leadres, Dóra Elek and Dorka Farkas. Photos by Marcin Pietrusza