Flying Licence - for Angels

First performance: June 13, 2003, Pécs National Theatre Meeting


Flying Licence – for Angels is the first street-theatre performance of Baltazar Theatre. It speeks about faith, in it’s dancing and singing way. A group of angels, who arrives by a covered wagon, awaken the faithless priest to the indispensability of faith.

Creators – director: Dóra Elek // choreographer: Julie Bougard (BE) // composer: Ferenc Darvas // costume design: Andrea Földi // set design: Anikó Preisich // writer: István Vörös // Actors – PAINTER: Dániel Fehér // CHOIR: Réka Kudari // TOLLMAN: Balázs Erdős // PUPETTEER: Erzsébet Rafael // BELL FOUNDER: Szilvia Horváth // TIN MAN: Márton Szilvásy // FAITH: Anna Taligás // MUSICIANS: Anna Keresztes, Kristóf Darvas // FOWLER: Veronika Kovács // THE SOUND OF THE ANGEL: Attila Medetz // CARTER: Ferenc Vörös // ANGEL: Sándor Kozma Bognár

“Baltazar is not a therapeutic theatre aimed at helping disabled people to integrate into society in a playful manner. It is a flawless theatre permeated by the enthusiasm of twenty-odd-year-old actors. They’re dancing poets. Visionary thespians, who have the ability to convey the very complicated or very mysterious in a very simple manner.” Molnár Gál Péter: Repülési engedély – angyaloknak, Népszabadság, 2003.