Golden Step

First performance: September 26, 2010 Millenaris Cultural Centre, Budapest


Your life has arrived at a turning point. You are lost in the urban maze. While playing this board game, you may happen upon the right direction. The dice is in your hands. The steps are leading you on the destiny line. There are obstacles in your path, but you have the Guardian of the Desitny Line and your horses to help. The game starts now. The stake is to find your true self. Do not forget: you are treading upon the very palm of God!

Creators – writer: István Vörös // director: Dóra Elek // choreographer: Lajos Vass // step dance choreographer: Judit Simor // costume design: Tamás Király // set design: Anikó Preisich // makeup and hair design: Réka Nagy // composer: Edina Mókus Szirtes // répétiteur: Márk Bubnó // Actors – Balázs Erdős, Szilvia Horváth, Cecília Janzsó, Anna Keresztes, Veronika Kovács, Réka Kudari, Attila Medetz, Péter Sziámi Müller, Erzsébet Rafael, Márton Szilvásy, Anna Taligás, Ferenc Vörös