First performance: March 25, 2008, Budapest Chambler Theatre, Budapest Spring Festival


The performance is telling the story of a family from 1944 through the II. World War till nowadays. Its questions are how much war can change one’s values and why can’t we respect peace in peacetime? Why war is necessary for us to appreciate peace? Why do we have to get sick to appreciate health?

Creators – writer: István Vörös // director: Dóra Elek // music: Ferenc Darvas // choreographer: Edit Dékány // set design: Anikó Preisich // costume design: Gabriella Kiss // lighting: Gabi Bánki // assistant director: Lajos Vass // Actors – Ferenc Darvas, Balázs Erdős, Dániel Fehér, Szilvia Horváth, Cecília Janzsó, Karina Kecskés, Anna Keresztes, Veronika Kovács, Réka Kudari, Attila Medetz, Brúnó Noé Müller, Péter Sziámi Müller, Erzsébet Rafael, Márton Szilvásy, Anna Taligás, Klári Varga, Ferenc Vörös

“Baltazar Theatre touches my heart far more than any other company, even though this should be a basic goal of all theatres. So if anyone asks the often-heard question: is what Baltazar represents art or therapy? The answer is that it is theatre, theatre of the best kind. And of course, it is also therapy – but for us.” (Tóth Ágnes Veronika, Revizor)