Think of me with pleasure

First performance: December 8, 2001, FMK (Ferencváros Community Center)


The piece is about actors who would like to play the two leading roles in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and in line with the story of the two lovers they talk about their own feelings and personal experiences. Think of me with pleasure seeks in a poetic and humorous way to make the audience think about the role of the parent in the kind of complex situation in wich a parent can find themself when their disabled child falls in love. The parental prohibition – as in Shakespeare’s drama – leads to tragedy. But the actors in Think of me with pleasure imagine a different ending to Romeo and Juliet’s love: a love fulfilled despite prohibition.

“The audience in Komárom is in a frenzy. After several minutes of synchronised clapping, they all stand up to applaud the actors, who are visibly touched, to the extent that they no longer follow the order of the curtain call. The writer of these lines is also touched. In his prejudice-laden mind, he had imagined that he would witness some kind of group therapy. Instead, he witnessed theatre.” Kocur László: Gondolj rám szívesen, Új szó, April 1, 2004.  

Creators – director: Dóra Elek // costume design: Andrea Földi // set design: Szilvia Virág // stage manager: Franciska Győry // lighting: Gabi Bánki // sound effects designer: Ferenc Szabó // choreographer: Lajos Vass // Actors – ROMEO: Dániel Fehér // JULIET: Réka Kudari // ROMEO: Balázs Erdős // LADY CAPULET: Erzsébet Rafael // JULIET: Szilvia Horváth // ROMEO: Márton Szilvásy // JULIET: Anna Taligás // JULIET: Anna Keresztes // JULIET: Veronika Kovács // ROMEO: Attila Medetz // ROMEO: Sándor Kozma Bognár // CAPULET: Ferenc Vörös