Segítség, segítek!

Premiere: 3 March 2023 Baltazar Theatre of Budapest

Refugee drama

The fate of two families collides in our play: a researcher and her blind son flee the war in Ukraine, where their home has been bombed by the Russians. They have nothing left. Her Ukrainian husband stays in Ukraine to fight and resist the invading forces. Since they are from the Transcarpathian region and speak Hungarian, they flee to Hungary.

They seek refuge at a Hungarian fellow scientist’s family. Ten years ago, the two met at a conference, where they had a fling or a flirt, hence the acquaintance. The man, feeling a moral obligation, welcomes the refugees without delay but he fails to discuss it with his wife first. And with that, he sets their family home on emotional fire. How can his wife and teenage daughter cope with the situation? Can they return to their former lives?  How shall the three adults and their two adolescent children manage to cope with this delicate situation?

The two teenagers, the blind boy and the girl communicate in songs – Edina Szirtes’s music. Music and rhythm are very important in the soundscape: a percussionist accompanies the play.


Author: István Vörös

Composer: Edina Szirtes

Scenography: Andrea Ruttka

Director’s Assistant: Andrea Básti

Director: Kriszta Kováts



Attila Medetz, Panka Kovács, Zsófi Kocsi, Anna Keresztes, Dániel Klabacsek, Zsófia Kocsi (inner voice: Kriszta Kováts)

Percussion: Guszty Perger

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