The gym teacher recruits a soccer team from young people living in poverty in a settlement far from the capital with the intention of winning the county cup final. In order to ensure victory, he also invites outsiders to the forming team: intellectually disabled, but successful actors who may not excel at football, but know how to win. They are masters of self-victory. In the performance “Quantumgym“, four roles are played by young people from Nógrád County, living in difficult circumstances. They are the ones the play is about. Those young people who live far from the capital and who are isolated from all cultural opportunities not only by their geographical location, but also by their financial means and family environment.

Text by: István Vörös // Director: Dóra Elek // choreographers: Dorka Farkas,

Abdoul Camara // Music: Edina Szirtes Mókus // Set and costume design: Gabriella Kiss // Light: Kata Dézsi // Light technician: László Győri / Szilárd Győri // Sound: Annamária Ragó // Hair-make-up: Réka Nagy

Actors: Anna Keresztes, Balázs Erdős / Vörös Ferenc, Dániel Fehér, Szilvia Horváth,

Márton Szilvásy, Zsófia Kocsi, Dániel Klabacsek, Panka Kovács, Attila Medetz, BenjaminAttila Berki, Norbert Géza Lakatos, Krisztofer Márk Berki, Péter Berki,

Bálint Formán, Sándor Keresztes, Klári Varga, Erzsébet Rafael, Réka Pelsőczy, Andrea Básti

Időtartam: 70 perc