Teodora Hübner

Teodóra Hübner

(Dorka for friends)
photographer, graphic designer
member of the Baltazár Theatre since 2002

I have been designing posters and all the graphic materials for the performances of the Baltazár Theatre since 2002.
My first design was for the play “Think of me with pleasure”, and my latest one was designing posters, flyers, advertisements and this and that for “Golden step”.
In 2004 I created a publication I just call “The Big Brochure”, the only one so far which is not related to a particular performance. By now  a certain graphic style has been developed that we could call the image of the theatre but I would rather we didn’t call it that. In this process there was an important point when after the first performance ( for me at least it was the first) Erzsike  Rafael wavying a black and white foldout said: “Did you make it?”, and I answered enthusiastically, yes, it was me. “But it’s very ugly!”, said she. Then she explained why. Because it was depressing. I am grateful to Erzsike. That day I didn’t have a good day. Since then I have been taking special care to make sure they also like what I design. The publications as well as this website.