First performance: December 13, 2017, Baltazar House


Sometimes yellow, sometimes white. Sometimes a girl, sometimes a boy. Sometimes cheerful, sometimes sad. Sometimes single, sometimes a wreath. They are our dandelions. They speak to us and to one another about us and for us, in a language of flowers. “Dandelioning” is a flower language we all created together, which we use to approach the subject of love in an unexpected and diverse way. Poems by Hungarian poets and the actors themselves help the dandelions to meet and put their desires into words. They get into playful and cheeky tangles, form a charming wreath and fly away with the wind.

Creators – choreographer-director: Dorka Farkas // director-choreographer: Olívia Réti-Harmath // lighting: János Mudráninecz // set design: Gabriella Kiss // makeup and hair design: Réka Nagy // Actors – Balázs Erdős, Dániel Fehér, Szilvia Horváth, Anna Keresztes, Zsófia Kocsi, Panka Kovács, Veronika Kovács, Attila Medetz, Andrea Pátkai, Erzsébet Rafael, Márton Szilvásy, Ferenc Vörös