Happy Hour

First performance: March 21, 2014, Baltazar House


Our fate is written. Chapters abound in joy and sorrow. However, between the lines we can read freely – is up to us. We often get scared, closing our eyes because what we can see there hurts. It is also a moment of clarity: coming face to face ourselves. Just like in that unique restaurant where one can pay for food with a story or song in a certain hour of each day. We can also live with the opportunity to free ourselves from long endured spiritual burdens.
This favourable period is the Happy Hour.

Setting the past and present side by side, the performance raises questions, searching for answers: how much does our past affect our present? How can we make amends today for the sins commited a long time ago? How can we live freely and happily, yet taking on our fate?

Creators – writer: István Vörös // director: Dóra Elek // composer: Ferenc Darvas // choreographer: Lajos Vass // set design: Anikó Preisich // costume design: Gabriella Kiss // lighting design: Gabi Bánki // sound effects design: Ferenc Szabó // Actors – KLÁRA (LÍVIA IN HER PREVIOUS LIFE): Klári Varga // WAYFARER: Balázs Erdős // BEGGAR: Ferenc Vörös // WAITRESS: Anna Keresztes // LEGIONARY: Péter Sziámi Müller // PRIESTESS: Karina Kecskés // MOTHER: Réka Kudari // POLICEMAN: Sándor Kozma Bognár // KARMA PATCHER: Attila Medetz // WITCH OF LOVE: Erzsébet Rafael // TRANSLATOR: Panka Kovács // LION: Dániel Fehér // WOLF: Márton Szilvásy // MUSICIAN: Ferenc Darvas // DANCERS (APOLLO AND THE VESTAL VIRGINS: Márton Szilvásy, Veronika Kovács, Cecília Janzsó, Anna Taligás