The One Born Laughing

First performance: December 12, 2005, Millenaris Cultural Centre, Budapest


A delegation from the East arrives in a small Hungarian village. They hope to find a newborn child to be the successor to their country’s deceased leader. The little Hungarian proves to be the Holiness they seek. Her faith known alredy from the holy scriptures, is kin to that of the people who shine out from the crowd. The greatest ones are always awaited from somewhere else. But they are among us. It’s up to us, to notice them. Could they redeem the past, or otherwise live in the present?

Creators – director: Dóra Elek // choreographer: Lajos Vass // costume design: Andrea Földi // set design: Anikó Preisich // lighting: Gabriella Bánki // sound effects designer: Ferenc Szabó // stage manager: Franciska Győry // makeup design: Réka Nagy // Actors – GIRL: Veronika Kovács // FATHER: Balázs Erdős // MOTHER: Szilvia Horváth // MIDWIFE: Anna Taligás // BEAR: György Vostenák // SHOWMAN: Attila Medetz // WARRIOR: Ferenc Vörös // PRIESTESS: Erzsébet Rafael // BOY: Márton Szilvásy // GIPSY WOMAN: Anna Keresztes // JUDGE: Dániel Fehér // CHOIR: Réka Kudari, Cecília Janzsó