Feather Dance

First performance: April 15, 2000, FMK (Ferencváros Community Center)

The words of the play have been brought together from the dreams and personal confessions of the actors and from poems by Zsuzsa Győri. According to a Hungarian saying, parents say good night to their children at bedtime with the following words: ‘Now you’re going to the feather-dance.’ To the world of dreams. Where the real nature of the soul is revealed. In the whirl of dreams of the play the characters are grown-ups and children at the same time: they dream of passionate nights while rocking their pillow-dolls. For them there is no boundary between the world of childhood and that of grown-ups. All of us are always on a journey: we live and die. We fall into an eternal dream. Night, night. Sleep tight. Theatre Baltazár, established in February 1998, consists of 11 actors. These young men and women have chosen theatre as their vocation. Their story is similar to that of the clown who turned a somersault in front of the portrait of the Virgin Mary in a church and when he was reproached for it he answered: ‘This is what I know the best. What else could I give?’

“In this performance the authenticity is » tangible « on stage, and the applause is genuine as well. This, to be frank, does not happen that often. But sometimes theatre tells of the most important things: of life, of our emotions. Of us, of you, of me. Of our desire for love.” Jakab Vera: ”Szeretném, ha szeretnének”, Zsöllye, October 2000.  

Feather Dance reveals the true nature of the soul through the misty veil of the dream world.” Szabó C. Szilárd: Sérült gyerekek színháza, Dél-Magyarország, July 27, 2000 

Creators – director: Dóra Elek // writer: Zsuzsa Győry // set design: Szilvia Virág // costume design: Anna Földi // Actors – Balázs Erdős, Dániel Fehér, Szilvia Horváth, Nóra Kántor, Veronika Kovács, Sándor Kozma Bognár, Réka Kudari, András Ócsai, Erzsébet Rafael, Anna Taligás, Ferenc Vörös